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Who does naruto end up dating

Because of this, Sasuke's sole desire is to kill his brother, and he develops a cold and withdrawn personality, seeing people as tools to further his goals, although also gaining the affection of most of the girls he knows, much to his annoyance.After he becomes a member of Team 7, Sasuke seems to begin considering his teammates precious to the point of risking his life to protect them, while focusing on revenge less than at the start of the series.When creating the primary heroine, Kishimoto admitted, "I don't have a definite image of what a heroine should be".He eventually created Sakura Haruno, emphasizing "her energy and flirtatious spirit" as her primary characteristics.Becky: Yes, I'm a fan, but I really don't appreciate being mocked.

As he developed the series, Kishimoto created the three primary characters as a basis for the designs of the other three-person teams.After the fight ends, Team 7 is finally reunited permanently.He compensates for this with his cheerful and boisterous personality, vowing to never give up on any goal he sets.To complement Naruto, Kishimoto worked on creating a rival that was a "cool genius", as he believed this was "the archetypal rival character".After reviewing different manga for ideas, he ultimately developed Sasuke Uchiha.

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