Sexhookups without payment

Posted by / 28-May-2018 08:47

This is one of hundreds of matchmaking sites for male and female blessers. The blesser sends an inbox message to the page describing the kind of person they want.They then explain the body features, age and how much allowance they are willing to pay.They promise expensive clothes and shoes in return.

These relationships thrive on gender and economic inequalities.

There’s still bitterness inside me.” “I had different types of men approach me and most of them would play with my feelings, fool around with me and after having sex they’d dump me.

This got me thinking, ‘why can’t I get something out of this as well?

It all started on social media: where women post about their expensive lifestyles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Last year, a Facebook page called Blesser Finder Mzansi (the nickname of South Africa) started – labelling itself as a travel/leisure page.

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’ We always have sex for (free), why don’t we do it for our own gain?