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But there is one measure of the scale of the movement: there are now more than 50 organizations—at least one in every state—battling against prosecutions like these.

After that, when the two teens resumed their relationship—violating his probation—he got five to 15 years.

His plan, he says: to pick up some belongings and drive his girlfriend to school.

But her father saw Thornsberry outside the home and the two started arguing. When questioned by detectives, Thornsberry, then 18, admitted to sleeping with his 14-year-old girlfriend.

Thornsberry kicked open the front door and hurled a sugar bowl at the TV. On the advice of his attorney, he pleaded guilty to criminal sexual misconduct and was sentenced to a year in jail followed by three years’ probation, during which time he could not be around minors, including his girlfriend.

He would also go on the sex-offender registry, which would list his home address and other personal information, for 25 years. “People say that when you’re 18, you’re an adult,” she says. A person can join the military at the age of 17, with parental permission.

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“That’s really helpful when I’m at work,” says the blue-eyed 26-year-old, who wears stud earrings and works at a door-and-window store.

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