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as part of the Industrial Light & Magic visual effects company.

Sculptor Richard Miller also helped with the costume; veteran ILM model-maker Lorne Peterson brought Miller aboard for Jedi after he viewed several of Peterson's private sculptures and realized they were very similar to the Leia slave costume they were developing.

Rodgers and the staff created multiple versions of the outfit to accommodate different scenes in the film, including a hard metal piece for scenes in which Fisher remained still, and a rubber outfit she and stuntwoman Tracy Eddon could wear comfortably while performing stunts; The outfit was lined with leather so it would not chafe Fisher's body.I am a young and small, I like to know that you will protect me and in the same time make me feel like a woman in every moment of my online time.What can be more beautiful than a real, high, perfect moment of pleasure ??Rodgers originally wanted the costume's fabrics to be twenty-five yards long and flow throughout Jabba's palace, but the costume department could not make the concept work.Regarding fans who want to make their own slave Leia costume, Rodgers said, "There's a lot of stretchy fabric out there. And hand stitch it so there are no big explosions when you're walking about." Prior to the filming of Return of the Jedi, Lucas invited Fisher to San Francisco to show her a picture of the costume.

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During her first scenes in the slave costume, Fisher said she thought, "Oh my God, there is me with the good body," Despite her daughter's indifference, Fisher later said in a Star Wars Insider interview, "but it's not a bad body to get, and of course I didn't know that at the time (of filming).

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