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That way, even if are not limited to one-millisecond resolution.

Instead, they represent times as floating-point numbers with up to microsecond precision.

Now a revered and travelled pundit, he is also a guitarist and songwriter, and due to make his next record with Paul Weller’s bass player.

We meet in a pub in Croydon one afternoon where we have three pints and stop our two-hour chat occasionally to talk guitars and music.

So much so that I remember being painfully nervous for him facing his first ball as stand-in captain of the England team.

A teammate of Jack Russell’s [also interviewed in this mega-feature] and a constant through England’s troubled if colourful Test side, a rare feat in itself, as well as Surrey’s all-conquering late 90s era, he played 71 Tests, averaging 34.58, and scored 17,870 first-class runs.

For example, Trisomy 16 is the most common trisomy in human pregnancies, occurring in more than 1% of pregnancies; only those pregnancies in which some normal cells occur in addition to the trisomic cells, or mosaic trisomy 16, survive.To address that issue, here's an updated version of the above solution that uses ES6, the ...(cont'd) The odds of two IDs generated by this function colliding are, literally, astronomically small.Update, 2017-06-28: A good article from Chrome developers discussing the state of Math.random PRNG quality in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.tl;dr - As of late-2015 it's "pretty good", but not cryptographic quality.

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Autosomal trisomy can be associated with birth defects, intellectual disability and shortened life expectancy.

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