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Barnes returned to work for the Carter Ledyard, law firm in New York.

In June 1950, Barnes was recruited by Frank Wisner to join the Central Intelligence Agency.

Several other CIA agents worked in Germany at this time including William Harvey, Ted Shackley, David Morales and Tom Parrott.

According to Phillips he initially questioned the right of the CIA to interfere in Guatemala: In his autobiography Phillips claims he said to Barnes: "But Arbenz became President in a free election.

It was later discovered that one commander accepted ,000 to surrender his troops.

Ernesto Guevara attempted to organize some civil militias but senior army officers blocked the distribution of weapons.

Jacobo Arbenz now believed he stood little chance of preventing Castillo gaining power.

Accepting that further resistance would only bring more deaths he announced his resignation over the radio.

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CIA's Voice of Liberation also put out similar radio broadcasts.

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