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I immediately reply no I can't afford to loose him.Christmas is a time when lots of us are lonely, and likely people around you will be suffering behind closed doors.We can all make a difference by taking the time to have a chat, and what better excuse than by gifting a delicious baked good!If you are interested in leaving an anal plug in for a long period of time, try one that is made of silicone or jelly rubber with a bulbous head and a narrow shaft and of course a flared base.Tip: If you are going to wear an anal plug all day, carry a small ziplock bag with you so if the plug becomes uncomfortable or you need to remove it for some reason, you have a sanitary place to put it!

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They are equipped with a ring that the anal plug fits into and once inserted holds the plug in place. With any type of sex play alone or with a partner it is a great idea to use lubricant to enhance sensation; with anal play it is a must!