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I have in the past joined 'over 50s' sites only to discover that the over 50s section is but a part of a 'run-of-the-mill 18 - death' online dating site.

Turnover would be greater as individuals would more likely find a compatible partner easier whilst many others would be attracted to joining the site due to positive word-of-mouth or site reviews.

I fail to see how this site will remain for use of people wanting long term? Don't think much of my 'matches' at all and still no message I joined last night as I said Mainly old chaps over 60 no thanks, not for evow dating site login and most with no photo.

I found some of the 'about me' questions for the profile non-applicable but HAD to enter a response or I couldn't go any further, salary had to be entered in dollars????

As I have put on my profile there, I hope this site does what it says on the tin, and keeps it to people looking for a long-term relationship I'm not looking for anything long term right evow dating site login Otherwise, it's another dating site, see how it goes Does not appear to be a pay site, so put my details on.

It will depend on lots of things Why pay to get ignored Can I just say this again It will be eventually, but the first few hundred thousand who signup get it for free.

A bit like the site which claims to be "for thinking people their description evow dating site login professional or university educated people!

It is bound to tap into it to a certain extent, but the reality is that nobody is going to be refused membership for only wanting a quick shag.

The site compromises itself immediately from what it claims to be about, with the get-out clause of having that option I mentioned earlier " I'm not looking for anything long-term right now" What is the point?

This alone has put me off, because the very reason I would be interested in joining is taken away on sign-up.

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