Does dating an ex convict work

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Does dating an ex convict work

She told them she used a gun that Patrick had left under her mattress. Ed Bilinkas: There's a legitimate reason why she did what she did. Sara Mc Ardle: It's always a risk to put a defendant on the stand. Prosecutor Matt Troiano [in court]: Patrick Gilhuley was not perfect, ladies and gentlemen, by no means. She'd fallen hard for husband number two, Scott Vertetis, also a police officer. Crainie Koellhoffer: When he was drinking, he was terrible. Virginia says there were several times when Patrick was drinking that he was violent with her.

What got them to that moment is at the center of this case. If I lose, she'll spend the rest of her life in jail. There is only one person who can explain it: Defense attorney Sara Mc Ardle [in court]: How are you doing today? It's even riskier because Virginia, severely depressed and anxious, is now heavily medicated. Crainie Koellhoffer(with Erin Moriarty, looking at photos): Oh, she loved him very, very much. Sara Mc Ardle: How many times had you broken up over the years? Virginia Vertetis [in court]: He pushed me down on the bed.

Virginia's defense attorney Ed Bilinkas says the shooting was in self-defense. It's been three years since Patrick Gilhuley was shot to death in Virginia's home in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Sara Mc Ardle: But if you didn't put her on, the jury would never know what happened that night. Virginia's mother, Crainie Koellhoffer, says when the couple's children -- Kellie and Billy -- were young, Virginia left a high-paying job at AT&T to become a teacher so she could spend more time with them. But she says that marriage collapsed when Scott Vertetis cheated on Virginia. That was in 2004, four years before Patrick Gilhuley. …He shoved me into a wall …He threw me on the floor …Crainie Koellhoffer: A couple of times, this was towards the end, I would see bruises.

Matt Troiano: Because she was having problems, you know, with … She claimed she had Multiple Sclerosis: Matt Troiano [in court]: At that time, did you specifically know that you had MS? But when that tactic didn't work, Troiano says Virginia tried to lure Patrick with sex: By March 3, Patrick Gilhuley may finally have had enough. Jim Molinaro: Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass … Erin Moriarty: When the defendant says that she heard the door break after Patrick Gilhuley slammed it, what's your first reaction to that? Using a set of doors similar to the crime scene, "48 Hours" asked Jim Molinaro to show us what happens to an unbroken storm door when it's hit by a bullet.

Ed Bilinkas [in court]: The cops come running in …. Virginia Vertetis [in court]: I never saw his eyes look like that before. She had petitioned the school board to return to work and they had voted against her. Erin Moriarty: How drunk was Patrick Gilhuley on March 3, 2014? According to Virginia, after a failed attempt at sexual intimacy that evening, Patrick grew frustrated.

…He said, "I'm gonna f------ kill you f------ c---." …I was scared to death. Ed Bilinkas: ...crazy drunk Erin Moriarty: What, almost three times the -- legal limit. Virginia Vertetis [in court]: I unzippered his pants.

All this is proof, the state says, that the bullet was the only thing that broke the glass that night; that Patrick never shattered it in a rage.

But what do they believe happened right before the shooting?

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