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It seemed an audacious dream for Shields, whose prior aspirations included having ten kids by the time she was 26, and who grew up bouncing between homes while her father was in prison and her mother struggled with addiction.

To accomplish her dream, she would need a stable life.

The screw mechanism for unpierced ears came out around the turn of the twentieth century These are a pair of earrings from the 1950s at least.

In marcasite with a gold plating to the front of the leaves. But these are dainty vintage clip earrings that curve along your ear lobe shape.

Another pair of vintage clip on earrings from the 1950s to the 1970s. Fabulous condition and probably have not been worn. They are unmarked but may be from Exquisite as they are in their style.

As for dating vintage clip earrings - the clip mechanism with the paddle was invented and patented in the 1930s. Before the Victorians use hook findings and thicker posts on earrings for pierced ears.

Usually pierced using a hot needle - no sterilized guns in those days.

Still available in many different sizes and assorted packs.

We have wanted to stock these for a while but have only just found a supplier.

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