Dating over weight woman small town dating ideas

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Tales have, for instance, been told of boyfriends who have ditched their girlfriends after they put on weight.We have also heard of husbands who, despite having taken the famous ‘through thick and thin’ vows to stick by their spouses, start finding them less attractive and begin cheating on them the moment they gain weight.He eloped with, of course, a smaller woman,” agonises Joy, with renewed anger written all over her face.Agony of plus-size women Confessing that, indeed, this is a man’s world, Joy wonders why, unlike portly men, plus size women get judged harshly.Women get into some strange weight loss regimes such as enduring the pain of walking the whole day with a tight slimming belt on, in their desperate endeavours to get their sexy back,” concludes Joy.Sex life: First casualty of putting on weight Unlike big-boned women, bulky men seem to be having it easy in relationships and marriage.

Interestingly, Crazy Monday has observed that a good number of Kenyan women are overweight, especially the married ones who live in urban areas, and particularly Nairobi.Pressure to look fit is real for women, especially after marriage or child birth that leaves one with massive baby fat.“Women get judged so harshly when they get out of shape, mostly following the vagaries of child birth.A while back while attending a previous chapter of The Koroga music Festival in Nairobi, there was a lady who, without a shred of modesty, began stealing glances at my boyfriend.“And before I knew it, she had teased him into a ‘bend over jig (a raunchy dance)’, dangerously shoving her posterior in his groin area, of course to my chagrin.

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Meanwhile, among women, being fat is synonymous with being ugly.