Dating an indian doctor

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Overall, it is hard to convince myself just to go into the doctors office with Thida as my doctor because it is almost a guarantee you will be treated poorly by the staff, and probably won't get the medical help you need anyway.

The hearing was told she had suffered chest conditions including pleurisy, pneumonia and sarcoidosis for a number of years which required up to 60 chest examinations. He turned away from me quite quickly and told me to get dressed.'I thought the chest exam was unusual while it was happening. When I was on the couch before he asked me to remove my top he locked the door. He didn’t say bye and neither did I.' Patient A claimed Dr Banerjee locked the consulting room door At Abbeyview Surgery in Peterborough, before asking her to remove her bra while he examined her chest.

I was shocked that she told me to research this on my own via the internet at home and then inform her which one I prefer to have on my next clinic visit with her.

I don't know if it is because she lacks knowledge of all the oral contraceptives available in Canada (she is from Bangladesh) or that she is too lazy to provide her professional advice and explain the different options to me.

I trust her opinions and she listens to my concerns.

Literally the worst doctor I have ever encountered. She could care less about any of her patients health and doesn't appear to have any knowledge besides looking things up on Google to explain answers to questions. I wouldn't recommend this Doctor at all to anyone.

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