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If you enter nothing it lists every file on you hard drive instantly. I also did the revo (awesome) it showed I had no avg. that file I was able to delete after I did the avg remover. Still gives me tons of error codes 0xc0070643 also error 1935. I did download the microsoft security essential, do I even need avg now?

Great recommendations on Revo and Avast - many thanks. choose "Hunter Mode" in Revo and then "shoot" the "Trial Dialog" box. Just make sure you click all of them because they appear in a number of sub-folders. hope to here from ucshatt and stop AVG services End Task any AVG processors running in the background Press Ctrl Alt Delete and click on processors and end any processors starting with AVG Try reinstalling the new version or try uninstalling the old version now. AVG has a way lower detection rates and is a dog to install/uninstall.

Norton & Mc Afee leave tons of registry items that will not allow any other AV to run properly. if you right click on it and see if this will delete.Delete all that you can in this folder either by deleting one by one or in little chunks until you are only left with a handful.These are the ones that will not delete until you do the following.For anyone is who getting the AVG "Trial Dialog" box on start-up, but no AVG showing up on the Revo list of programs . You only have to look at pc forums, to see there are no threads posted about Avast, as for AVG the opposite is true. The older version of AVG was better than the new release, but still not as good as Avast. Avg free has been way better, but it does have some install problems. I just load avast and get the customer out the door...Most of the time the install problems are an indication that there is still something wrong with the machine in general. lol Sorry to inform you that NO I repeat NO antivirus software is foolproof and they ALL eventually let some sort of malware,spyware,trojan or virus in eventually.

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Yep ran into this problem myself with earlier AVG 2011 versions.

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